Life Essentials SB_120 Dr. Gene Getz has lived a life dedicated to teaching the Bible. With degrees from Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton Graduate School, and New York University, Dr. Getz taught at both Moody and Dallas Theological Seminary before becoming a church planter. He is known for his Bible teaching ministry through dozens of books, radio programs, conference speaking, and church ministry.

With The Life Essentials Study Bible notes, you can now access the teaching of Gene Getz right from Accordance! This unique set of study notes brings together a lifetime of Getz’s emphasis on “supracultural” principles of the Bible—that is, those biblical principles that surpass culture and apply to all people in all times.

The Life Essentials Study Bible is the next best thing to “being there” for Dr. Getz’s teaching. In these notes, he covers the entire Bible in 1500 unique sections. Each one contains “A Principle to Live By” along with detailed commentary. However, the best part is the video link with each section—yes, that’s 1500 unique videos comprising over 250 hours of total instruction!—that delivers Gene Getz teaching the Bible himself. Every study also includes a “Reflection and Response” section for personal reflection or discussion with a group.

Note: Video access in this product is not yet implemented in the Android app.

Life Essentials Study Bible - Windows

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Want to study through a book of the Bible by yourself or in a group? The Life Essentials Study Bible has 59 text and video studies on Matthew, 12 for Philippians, 152 on the Book of Psalms and more for every other book of the Bible! Want to study a topic in the Bible? The “Principle Finder” section organizes all 1500 studies by subject. Each book of the Bible also contain an introduction and list of the Principles covered in the book by Dr. Getz.

The Life Essentials Study Bible was originally designed to complement the text of the Holman Christian Standard Bible. However, in Accordance, you can pair these notes with any Bible text or translation you like. When studying these notes in Accordance 12, video links will launch the internal Accordance web browser so that you can see Dr. Getz’s teaching on a passage in parallel with the study itself. Note that while Accordance usually does not require an internet connection after content is downloaded, access to the videos will require internet access.


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