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New Features in Accordance 3.3.0 for iPads & iPhones

Recently, we released a significant update for Accordance on iPads and iPhones. Accordance 3.3.0 for iOS is a free update and, if you have automatic updates turned on, it’s probably already on your device. Here are a few highlights of version 3.3.0.

New Search Modes

Based on which Text module you’re using, you may discover any number of search modes: Hebrew Letters (Literal), Flex, and Headings (pericope) Searches. If you’re not certain what these modes mean, please see Accordance for iOS Help.

Latest Module Support

Due to some unicode font updates, some of our newer releases—such as the Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek—could not be viewed on iOS devices. With the 3.3.0 update, now all regular Text and Tools modules can be installed and display correctly.

Single-Tap Instant Details

Now you can access Instant Details with only one tap of your finger! To turn on this feature, go to Settings: Instant Details: Instant Tap for Details. Now with just one simple tap, Instant Details will appear for any word, footnote, cross-reference indicator, etc. Tap in any blank space to toggle the software interface.

Want to see even more features of the Accordance 3.3.0 update for iOS? Check out this short video!