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Welcome to the Light the Lamp newsletter! Each month we’ll explore different aspects of Accordance Bible Software to help you take full advantage of the software. With so many features and resources available, there is always something new to learn. Please let us know on the Accordance User Forums if you’d like a certain topic featured in an upcoming issue.

In this edition, you’ll learn how to study more effectively with the free Accordance eAcademy. You’ll also find a free book.

The Accordance eAcademy offers free live web-based training on how to study more effectively and with greater results. By attending, you’ll also receive special discounts on academic works. These webinar events include lectures from renowned scholars and authors. Past topics have included the following:

• The textual history of the Hebrew Bible
• The Bible and modern science
• The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls
• Archaeology in biblical studies

Not only will you feel like you are sitting in on a college course, but these sessions will also focus on how to study these fascinating topics using Accordance.

Other sessions are more program specific and take you in-depth on how to apply certain features to your own study and service to others. Past topics have included the following:

• Search Analytics & Graphs
• Amplifying
• Timelines
• Workspaces
• Sermon prep
• And more!

As a student of the Word, your research will be more rewarding as you learn the power of Accordance. So keep an eye out for upcoming webinar sign ups in our weekly emails or on our website.

Accordance eAcademy events are offered multiple times a year, but you can watch all previous sessions at any time on our eAcademy page.

March’s Free Book

To say thank you for signing up for our newsletter, you can download The Training of the Twelve for free during the month of March. This work by A. B. Bruce shows the methods Jesus used to lead his disciples and teach them to spread His Word

Just go to the link below and add the book to your cart.