Martin Manser is a professional reference book editor and has compiled or edited over 200 books. Macmillan Publishers has called him “One of Britain’s leading lexicographers.” Manser’s unique ability to organize information has led him to produce two new titles that we are releasing today for the Accordance Library.

Manser Daily Guidance cover-dsDaily Guidance

Daily Guidance is a devotional guide for Christians who want to bring the light of God’s Word to bear upon their lives every day. Compiled with the aim of providing a source of daily encouragement and guidance for Christians, the readings from the Bible draw upon several modern translations as well as the King James Version. The Bible readings are accompanied by hymns and godly poems that have been chosen to aid believers in their personal response to God and his Word. Thus, some readings provide inspiration and others offer challenges to live the Christian life.

With 366 devotions (Leap Year entry included!) Daily Guidance can be used in Accordance Daily Reading mode with all referenced Scripture passages automatically opened in parallel.

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Manser Christian Quotations cover-dsChristian Quotations

From ability to zeal, this resource has over 6,000 quotations covering over 500 topics and subtopics. Originally titled The Westminster Collection of Christian Quotations, this volume will be used again and again by pastors and teachers searching for the perfect historical statement to illustrate a point.

Manser uses the title regularly himself. Recently, he wrote the following:

I looked at the content recently when I gave a talk at church on Peace in a series on the Fruit of the Spirit. Reading through the quotations helped steer my initial thinking. I saw different angles that I could focus on in my preparation. On other occasions I have used quotations from the book, so I know that a pithy quote can inject life into a talk. Two of the ones I like best are “I sometimes think that the whole secret of the Christian life is to know how to use the word ‘Therefore’” (D.M. Lloyd-Jones), and “A good marriage is the union of two forgivers” (Ruth Bell Graham).

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With these two volumes, Manser helps the reader with his or her inner life as well as proclamatory responsibilities.