Mark Chenhalls I have been using Accordance since 2013 and have always been impressed with the value of even the basic packages, especially for understanding the original languages. The online training and especially the live webinars have made all the difference in understanding how to use the fantastic tools available in Accordance.

The mobile version of Accordance has made a huge difference in my devotional life, and the amazing tools available in the mobile version almost make me forget that it is a mobile version. There is something extremely convenient about being able to do a deep study on the device right next to me that instantly brings up the information I need. The mobile version also allows me to continue to be available for my family and they do not feel that I am in a “do not disturb” mode.

But the part that differentiates Accordance is also what allows me to do what I had been attempting to do for many decades—become familiar enough with the original languages that sometimes I forget I am in the original language. The original text with English “crutches”—available as needed—make using the original text a joy rather than an assignment. This has brought out aspects of meaning in the text that I would have never discovered in even the best translation.

Thank you Accordance!

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