If you’ve visited our website recently, you’ve already noticed that big changes are afoot. The most obvious change is that the website has a cool new look, including a banner which reads Accordance 9.

No, Accordance 9 is not yet available. We did our best to coordinate all the website and infrastructure changes with our new product releases, but I’m afraid we didn’t quite make it. So for a very short while, we’re going to be in a state of transition.

Okay, so now that you know Accordance 9 is right around the corner, how can you find out more about it? You can read about the major new features here, and find out about the updated Library and Scholar’s levels here. You can watch this page for occasional progress updates, and if you’d like to pre-order Accordance 9, you can do so here.

I’ll be describing the new features of Accordance 9 in detail in upcoming posts, and I know Dr. J is working on an Accordance 9 podcast. We’re all working very hard to get this new upgrade to you as soon as possible, so keep checking in to find out when you can experience all the new features and improvements.