The Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide Near East: Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran

Accordance Bible software is pleased to announce the release of a new update (version 2.0) to its Near East PhotoGuide. The best news is that the update is free to current owners of the Near East Photoguide 1.0 and available for immediate download though the Accordance pulldown menu option “Check for Content Updates.”

The PhotoGuide Near East Collection contains complete introductions and detailed pictures from each available biblical site in the Near East, including Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran. The enhanced edition of the PhotoGuide Near East Collection (2.0) adds new articles, expands others, and increases the picture set from nearly 600 pictures to 700 of important biblical sites and artifacts. Highlights of the update include new magnificent pictures of the Ishtar Gate from Babylon and the ancient city mosaic at Mephaath in Jordan. The update also includes new articles on the biblical sites of Penuel, Mahanaim, Zarethan, Chaldea, Shinar, Beth-Meon, the Cherith Brook, and Arabia, and enhanced articles on Succoth, Jabesh Gilead, the Jabbok River, Ammon, Rabbah of Ammon, Philadelphia of the Decapolis, and Gadara.

Ishtar Gate The figure on the left (click/tap for a larger view) shows some of the impressive remains of Ishtar gate from Babylon included in the new Photoguide. Dating to the time of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, the gate is decorated with images of bulls and dragons. The dragon represented the god Marduk who was the patron deity of the city. The bull, also known as an auroch, was sacred to the god Adad, who was the god of weather. Nebuchadnezzar’s name itself and some of his thoughts are etched on the gate in a dedicatory inscription and are explained in the Photoguide. Such archeological remains serve as an excellent resource for helping to understand the book of Daniel.

More than just a collection of pictures, the Accordance’s exclusive PhotoGuide is specifically designed to be a teaching tool which helps make the Bible come alive. Teachers and pastors especially love the Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide because the user license allows you to use all the images in teaching and preaching contexts.

The Near East Photoguide 2.0 can be purchased individually or part of our entire Photoguide package, which includes Photoguide modules on Israel, Europe, Turkey, Egypt and the Near East.

For those who already have Photoguide 4.0 or the Photoguide Overview the new modules can be purchased for an incremental upgrade price.