We have some exciting new releases available for you today, along with a couple of introductory specials! Whether you are looking for commentaries, Bible study guides, histories, or theological works, we have you covered!

To start, we have two resources that you will want to pick up by February 18, 2013 in order to take advantage of introductory specials. The first of these resources is the Life in the Spirit New Testament Commentary. In addition to being an excellent one-volume commentary for Pentecostal and charismatic Accordance users, this commentary is great for fans of our Lighting the Lamp podcast, because our own Dr. Timothy Jenney wrote the commentary on the book of Revelation. If you enjoy our podcast and would like to read some of Dr. J’s theological insights, you can pick up this commentary for over 28% off until February 18, 2013!

Life in Spirit NT Eerdmans Companion_120 BP-Bivin-Vanished Views

The second introductory special is on The Eerdmans Companion to the Bible. This handbook is a wonderful resource for those who want an accessible guide to the people, places and books of the Bible. This resource also includes over two hundred maps, charts, and graphics that will help bring the text of the Bible to life. Order this resource by February 18, 2013 to receive 25% off the regular price!

In addition to these introductory specials, we have nine other new releases that cover a wide variety of genres and topics.

BP Biven

Photography lovers will want to check out Views That Have Vanished—a collection of 700+ photographs from Israel, Jordan, Greece, and Rome from the 1960’s, taken by David Bivin and published by BiblePlaces.com.

Grasping God’s Word is ideal for those who want to learn how to read, interpret, and apply the Bible for themselves. This resource even includes practical, hands-on exercises that guide students through the interpretive process.

Grasping God's Word-LG Andrews SB Competent to Counsel Counselor's Manual

Andrews Study Bible is a must-have for Seventh-day Adventist Accordance users, thanks to its 12,000 study notes and 65,000 cross references. It also includes a unique, linked reference system that highlights major themes of the Bible.

Pastors and counselors should check out Competent to Counsel, and its companion book, The Christian Counselor’s Manual. Both of these resources by Jay Adams deserve a place in the Christian counselor’s library.

The Gagging of God is a Gold Medallion Award-winning work by D.A. Carson that addresses the question “Is Jesus the only way to God?” Carson affirms the deep need for the Gospel’s exclusive message in today’s increasingly pluralistic global community.

Gagging of God Jesus Under Fire Parade of Faith Jerusalem to Irian Jaya

Jesus Under Fire is a direct response to the Jesus Seminar and the increasing scrutiny over the historical Jesus. Michael Wilkins and J.P. Moreland examine this issue and present evidence supporting a traditional biblical view of Jesus.

History buffs can check out two fantastic works by Ruth Tucker. Parade of Faith is an engaging history of the Christian Church, while From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya is a history of the past 2,000 years of world missions.

We hope you enjoy these new releases, and we look forward to bringing you more great Bible study resources soon!