NT Story - 3D I always enjoy reading Ben Witherington (even when I don’t agree with him on everything!) because not only is he a very good communicator, he is also never one to simply repeat what everyone’s said before. The New Testament Story is designed as a New Testament Introduction primarily aimed at serious laity, but it could also be used as a college text or for anyone interested in New Testament studies simply to get Witherington’s take on the subject.

Most New Testament introductions go book by book with standard introductory issues covered—such as author, date, context—followed by a summary of the book. Witherington’s approach is not like that, which is why this book may have broader appeal than the impression given at first glance.

Witherington divides The New Testament Story into two main parts. In the first part of the book, he deals with the construction of the New Testament canon: how and why did the New Testament come about? In the second half, he looks at the writings themselves, but as mentioned above, not in the traditional manner of most New Testament introductions. Instead, Witherington focuses on the stories and individuals of the New Testament

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The New Testament Story invites engagement from the reader. Each chapter includes a section, “Exercises and Questions for Study and Reflection.” These sections would be suitable for both individual and group study.

For those with the Theological Journal Library in their Accordance Library, see the review by James R. Blankenship in the Ashland Theological Journal. More reviews of The New Testament Story can be found at Best Commentaries.

The New Testament Story
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