POSB Binder Available, beginning today, for the Accordance Library, the highly acclaimed Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible (44 volumes) is a comprehensive resource for expository and topical preaching!

Popularly identified simply as POSB, this well-known resource provides an extensive verse-by-verse outline and commentary of the entire Bible, organizing key points of Scripture passages in a systematic outline form, along with content synthesized from 200+ Bible commentaries, language sources, and reference works.

Each volume of the Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible contains a year’s worth of sermon material including inspirational sermon points, practical life applications, and dozens of supporting scriptures in every section! An invaluable tool not only to save time in sermon preparation, but also to inspire, encourage, and challenge us as only God’s Word can!

The Accordance edition of POSB contains separate modules for outlines and commentary. This allows both to be set side by side with one or more biblical texts in parallel panes or tab ties. An advantage over the print edition, the Accordance version of POSB has thousands of hyperlinks to Scripture and between the outlines and commentary.

POSB in Accordance
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Although designed primarily as a tool for the pastor in sermon preparation, POSB is also an ideal resource for anyone wanting to study the scriptures in a systematic manner. Over the years, many pastors and serious laypersons have filled their shelves with the binders or softcover editions of the Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible. These were extremely valuable to own, but no one would cart all 44 volumes down to the local coffee shop to plan next Sunday’s sermon! Now with the Accordance edition, the entire POSB series fits conveniently on a laptop, tablet, or even an iPhone for easy access. And the entire series can be searched at once—an extremely convenient means for finding every instance of a word or topic.

For a limited time, get this invaluable preaching resource at an introductory discount of 20% off the regular price.

Note: The current POSB set lacks only volume 3 of Psalms, but we expect to add it within three months at no additional charge. This will complete the set for the entire Bible.

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