PtW-ds Specialization is a hallmark of the age in which we live. If we are ill, the diagnosis of a general practitioner can lead us to consultation with a specialist. If we need a vehicle repaired, we can choose between shops that specialize in domestic or imported automobiles; or based on the need, take our car to a mechanic who specializes in brakes, mufflers, or tires. Seeking out someone who can address a very specific need in our lives is a means of convenience–a way of saving us time by addressing particular concerns.

Often those who preach or teach God’s Word have received specialized training for exposition of a biblical text that includes understanding the passage in its original context so that it can then be filtered through cultural lenses for a modern audience. The pastor or teacher has the responsibility of determining what is relevant for a particular group (I remember one of my professors from years ago telling us, “You don’t have to include in your sermon everything you know about a passage”). Included in this task is the process of presenting the passage in an understandable and memorable format. Although I’ve heard some preaching instructors suggest that pastors spend one hour in preparation for every minute spent in the pulpit, the reality is that most pastors do not have the luxury of spending this much time in study because of their other ministerial responsibilities.

So, in keeping with the age of specialization in which we live, it is only suitable that professional communicators of the Bible’s message would have access to commentaries designed specifically for this purpose. For years, Crossway’s Preaching the Word commentary series has helped pastors, preachers, and anyone who teaches God’s Word better to interpret and apply the message of the Bible. Under the careful editorial oversight of experienced pastor and best-selling author R. Kent Hughes, this series is known for its commitment to biblical authority, its pastoral tone and focus, and its overall accessibility.

Now available for the first time in Accordance, this 36-volume series covers 15 Old Testament books and 26 New Testament books, including a specific volume for Sermon on the Mount. Each commentary volume is rich with illustrations and applications that can be taken right to the pulpit. Featuring contributions from a host of respected Bible teachers, this set offers readers a well-rounded and multipurpose resource for preaching, teaching, and personal study.

As an example of the nature of this kind of commentary series, consider the treatment of Exodus 2:11-15 in the second volume, written by Philip Graham Ryken. The chapter is titled “Moses Takes Matters into His Own Hands” and begins with a shocking question: “Have you ever wanted to kill somebody?” I say that this is shocking because we don’t normally discuss such primal emotions from the pulpit—at least in most of the churches I’ve been in. However, this may be a false sense of surprise because most of us may have experienced the kind of anger that leads to these thoughts at one time or another.

I could picture beginning a sermon about Moses taking the life of an Egyptian slave master with this very question. It would be a chance for a preacher to get past the walls of religiosity that we often bring with us on Sunday mornings. We could put ourselves in Moses’ shoes and perhaps refrain from being quite so judgmental.

Ryken goes on to defend Moses’ actions, playing devil’s advocate to a certain extent, before bringing us back to the New Testament perspective of Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount about anger in our hearts toward others (Matthew 5:21-22). As I read through what initially seemed like a defense of Moses’ actions, and then observed Ryken carefully turn the reader to seeing the events from a different perspective by considering other ways that Moses could have handled the situation, I found myself thinking, “That’ll preach!”


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The Preaching the Word commentary series is valuable not just because it has numerous relevant illustrations. It has those, and they are both memorable and applicable. However, as I read passage after passage in this series, I saw how the writers equip the preacher or teacher of the Bible to connect their audience directly to the biblical events. This allows the Bible to move from just being a record of historical events to truly becoming a practical guide for daily living.

If you were to purchase the entire Preaching the Word series at full retail price, you’d pay nearly $1000. The list price in Accordance is $499.

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Moreover, Accordance users have the convenience of being able to carry all 36 volumes with their entire Accordance library on any laptop, tablet computer, or iPhone. Our developers have carefully analyzed the text of the entire series and have identified different kinds of content in the commentary, allowing for greater precision when using this series in preparation for teaching or preaching on a passage. When using the Preaching the Word commentary series in Accordance, the user can search in any of the following fields: Reference, Titles, English Content, Scripture, Greek Content, Hebrew Content, Transliteration, Authors and Page Numbers.

Using the English Standard Version (with additional interactions with the NIV, NASB, and KJV) as a base text, the Preaching the Word series is a commentary specialized to the needs of the teacher and preacher of the Bible. Its specialized design will not only save time in preparation but allow for better communication as well.