Accordance Gallery of Bible Art / January 01, 2006

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A collection of classic paintings, engravings, mosaics, and sculptures depicting scenes from the Bible. Includes works by such masters as Doré, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, Rembrandt, and more.

Arranged as a reference tool, you can view Bible Art in parallel with the text of the Bible to create your own illustrated Bible!

For even more information, see this article.

Original artwork: David Lang
Photograghs: Roy Brown, Rex Koivisto

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Accordance Gallery of Bible Art is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
UpgradesColl10-Essential UpgradesVersion 9 Levels upgrades to Essential Collection499.99
UpgradesColl10-Essential Upg_13Version 9 Levels upgrades to Essential Collection499.99
UpgradesColl10-Essential Upg_14Version 9 Levels upgrades to Essential Collection499.99
Primary CollectionsLib7-ILibrary 7 CD-ROM Introductory Level79
Primary CollectionsLib7-PLibrary 7 CD-ROM Premier Level279
Primary CollectionsLib7-SLibrary 7 CD-ROM Standard Level179
Primary CollectionsLib8-ILibrary 8 Introductory Level99
Primary CollectionsCollection10-Advanced_14Advanced Collection (Accordance 10)999.99
Primary CollectionsCollection11-AdvancedAdvanced Collection (Accordance 11)999
Primary CollectionsDev-SuperDeveloping Countries Package – Super199
Primary CollectionsDev-Super_13Developing Countries Package – Super with Accordance 13199
Primary CollectionsCollection10-AdvancedAdvanced Collection (Accordance 10)999.99
Primary CollectionsCollection10-Advanced_13Advanced Collection (Accordance 10)999.99
Primary Collections20-Pack English StudySite License Pack for up to 20 devices: English Study1000
Primary CollectionsCollection10-Ultimate_14Ultimate Collection (Accordance 10)1999.99
Primary CollectionsCollection11-UltimateUltimate Collection (Accordance 11)1999
Primary CollectionsCollection10-Ultimate_13Ultimate Collection (Accordance 10)1999.99
Primary CollectionsCollection10-UltimateUltimate Collection (Accordance 10)1999.99
Primary CollectionsLib8-SLibrary 8 Standard Level199
Primary CollectionsLib8-PLibrary 8 Premier Level299
Primary CollectionsLib9-ILibrary 9 Introductory Level149
Primary CollectionsColl12-GraphicsLearnGraphics Learner Collection (Accordance 12)99.9
Primary CollectionsColl13-GraphicsLearnGraphics Learner Collection (Accordance 13)99.9
Primary CollectionsLib9-PLibrary 9 Premier Level349
Primary CollectionsLib9-SLibrary 9 Standard Level249
Primary CollectionsCollection10-Bible StudyBible Study Collection (Accordance 10)199.99
Primary CollectionsDev-Core_13Developing Countries Package – Core with Accordance 1399
Primary CollectionsDev-CoreDeveloping Countries Package – Core99
Primary CollectionsCollection11-EssentialEssential Collection (Accordance 11)499
Primary CollectionsCollection10-EssentialEssential Collection (Accordance 10)499.99
Primary CollectionsCollection10-Essential_13Essential Collection (Accordance 10)499.99
Primary CollectionsCollection10-Essential_14Essential Collection (Accordance 10)499.99
Primary BundlesSPP-ICB11.12ICB Purchase 11.20120
Primary BundlesSPP-ICB8.14ICB Purchase 8.20140
Primary BundlesWS Crossover13WS Crossover: Accordance 13999
Primary BundlesSPP-GBSCSPP for GBSC0
English StudiesUABibRef8Bible Reference 8.1 Unlock all1080
English StudiesBASIC-7Basic Group on Library 749
English StudiesUABibRef8.4Bible Reference 8.4 Unlock all1300
English StudiesUABibRef9.0Bible Reference Unlock all 9.0 Collection1500
English StudiesUABibRef9.5Bible Reference Unlock all 9.5 Collection1600
Academic BundlesCollection11-Advanced_16Advanced Collection (Accordance 11)999
Academic BundlesCollection11-Ultimate_16Ultimate Collection (Accordance 11)1999
Academic BundlesCollection11-Bible StudyBible Study Collection (Accordance 11)199
Academic BundlesCollection11-Essential_16Essential Collection (Accordance 11)499
PC Primary LevelsPC-Coll10-Bible StudyBible Study Collection pre-installed for emulator on DVD199.99
PC Primary LevelsPC-Coll10-EssentialEssential Collection pre-installed for emulator on DVD499.99
PC Primary LevelsPC-Coll10-Essential_13Essential Collection pre-installed for emulator on DVD499.99
PC Primary LevelsPC-Lib9-PLibrary 9 Premier Level with disk for PC Emulator279.99


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