Are We Living in the Last Days? (Chapell): Four Views of the Hope We Share about Revelation and Christ’s Return / February 06, 2024

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Will Jesus’s return be preceded by a single world government? Will every person have a government-issued ID or mark? Does Christ return once or twice? Will believers go through a Great Tribulation? Will there be a literal battle of Armageddon? Does it even matter what we believe about future events?

Biblical prophecies about the end times have confused, confounded, and even divided God’s people for centuries. But the reason Scripture gives us hints about the future is to provide the encouragement we need to endure the present, confident that God keeps his promises.

In this balanced look at four major views of the end times, bestselling author Bryan Chapell explains the primary ways Christians have interpreted biblical prophecy about the last days, not so that we might pick a hill to die on but so that we can cling to what unites us in Christ. No matter what end times view we find most compelling, in God’s plans we can find strength for today and hope for tomorrow.

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