Basics of Biblical Hebrew Workbook (3rd Edition) (Pratico, Van Pelt)

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Requires Accordance 11.2 or above.

This updated workbook is designed with the student in mind and intended for use with the standard-setting Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar textbook, now in its third edition. In addition to corresponding to the revisions and updates in Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar, this workbook includes significant changes to the interior presentation; less unnecessary questions and exercises; and six reading texts interspersed among the exercises for the derived stems.

The workbook is an essential chapter-by-chapter companion and includes helpful exercises and translation homework. As students complete the assignments in the workbook, the concepts they have been learning from the main grammar are reinforced, making this an invaluable study tool to enhance student learning.

Basics of Biblical Hebrew Workbook (3rd Edition)
• Authors: Gary D. Pratico, Miles V. Van Pelt
• Publisher: Zondervan (2019)

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