Bavli Set (Vilna Edition and Venice Edition)

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Requires Accordance 12.2 or above.

This bundle contains two sets of Babylonian Talmud texts. Both texts are untagged Hebrew and Aramaic, organized according to standard Bavli referencing: tractate name, folio number, and folio side.

  • The Complete Babylonian Talmud (Vilna Edition) (T-BAVLI-F)
    • Public domain text of the Vilna edition.
    • Contains the complete 37 tractates.
    • 5/17/18 Update: The initial release of this module had some problems with searches (words in the second half of the list). The 2.0 update fixes this, but also increases the Accordance requirement to Accordance 12.2.
  • The Venice Talmud (T-BAV-F)
    • The electronic text of the First Printed Edition of the Talmud provided by the Saul Lieberman Institute of Talmudic Research of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. The first Venice printed edition of Daniel Bomber (1520–23) was used as the text base for the electronic transcription.
    • The following tractates are not included in this module: Berakot, Shabbat, Yebamot, Ketubot, Gittim, Babaqamma, Babametzia, Bababatra, Sanhedrin, Avodazara, Shevuot, Hullin, and Niddah.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
Hebrew Non-Biblical TextsT-BAV-FTalmud Bavli (Venice Edition) (untagged Hebrew)40.00
Hebrew Non-Biblical TextsT-BAVLI-FBabylonian Talmud Folio (Vilna Edition) (Untagged Hebrew)179.00


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