Collection of 23 Works by Walter Brueggemann

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Walter Brueggemann is one of the best known Old Testament scholars of our time.

Currently the William Marcellus McPheeters Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary, Walter Brueggemann is one of the best known Old Testament theologians alive today, specifically associated with postmodern Old Testament theology.

This product consists of 23 works by Walter Brueggemann. They comprise theological, practical, historical, preaching, book study, and biblical study works. Each of the 23 volumes are available individually as well as in smaller bundles.

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Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
WritingsBrueggemann-AwedAwed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth18.90
WritingsBrueggemann-BookBook That Breathes New Life, The (Brueggemann)24.90
WritingsBrueggemann-CanonCreative Word (2nd Edition) (Brueggemann)28.90
WritingsBrueggemann-DavidDavid’s Truth in Israel’s Imagination and Memory (Second Edition) (Brueggemann)16.90
WritingsBrueggemann-DisruptiveDisruptive Grace (Brueggemann)38.90
WritingsBrueggemann-EssaysOld Testament Theology (Brueggemann)34.90
WritingsBrueggemann-FireLike Fire in the Bones (Brueggemann)24.90
WritingsBrueggemann-HopefulHopeful Imagination (Brueggemann)22.90
WritingsBrueggemann-InscribingInscribing the Text22.90
WritingsBrueggemann-InterpretInterpretation and Obedience (Brueggemann)21.90
WritingsBrueggemann-IsraelIsrael’s Praise (Brueggemann)18.90
WritingsBrueggemann-LandLand, The: Place as Gift, Promise, and Challenge in Biblical Faith (Brueggemann)24.90
WritingsBrueggemann-MessageMessage of the Psalms, The (Brueggemann)18.90
WritingsBrueggemann-MilitantWord Militant, The (Brueggemann)19.90
WritingsBrueggemann-NegotiationTexts Under Negotiation (Brueggemann)15.90
WritingsBrueggemann-PracticePractice of Prophetic Imagination, The (Brueggemann)24.90
WritingsBrueggemann-PropheticProphetic Imagination, The (Brueggemann)18.90
WritingsBrueggemann-RedescribesWord That Redescribes the World, The (Brueggemann)24.90
WritingsBrueggemann-SocialSocial Reading of the Old Testament, A (Brueggemann)21.90
WritingsBrueggemann-SpiritualitySpirituality of the Psalms (Brueggemann)11.90
WritingsBrueggemann-TheologyTheology of the Old Testament (Brueggemann)34.90
WritingsBrueggemann-ThreatThreat of Life, The (Brueggemann)17.90
WritingsBrueggemann-UnsettlingUnsettling God, An (Brueggemann)21.90


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