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The Faithful Promiser by John R. MacDuff contains 31 daily reflections on individual promises of God. Each day’s devotion begins with the assurance that “He is faithful that promised,” and ends with the prayer, “Remember this Word unto thy servant, upon which thou hast caused me to hope.”

From the Introduction:
It has often been felt a delightful exercise by the child of God, to take, night by night, an individual promise and plead it at the mercy-seat. Often are our prayers pointless, from not following, in this respect, the example of the sweet Psalmist of Israel, the Royal Promise pleader, who delighted to direct his finger to some particular “word” of the Faithful Promiser, saying, “Remember Thy word unto Thy servant, on which thou hast caused me to hope!”

The following are a few gleanings from the Promise Treasury,—a few crumbs from “the Master’s Table,” which may serve to help the thoughts in the hour of closet meditation, or the season of sorrow.

The module includes The Words of Jesus by John R. MacDuff with 31 daily reflections on the words of Jesus, with specific emphasis on words of comfort to those who are “weary.

The Faithful Promiser
• Author: John J. MacDuff
• Text of 1858 version published by Stanford & Delisser

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