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Luther’s Works, a monumental translation project published jointly by Fortress Press and Concordia Publishing House in 1957, is singular in its value to church historians, Luther scholars, and Christians. This truly exquisite offering will put Luther’s Works at the command of a few keystrokes and provide the reader with a Luther resource unrivaled in accessibility and convenience. Luther’s Works is indispensable for studies of Luther and invaluable for preachers.

Volumes 31-54 of Luther’s Works include Luther’s Reformation writings and occasional pieces.

Volumes included in this module:

  • Volume 35: Word and Sacrament I (1960) – The writings in this first of four volumes of Luther’s Works on Word and Sacrament are for the most part from a fifteen year span––from the year of the Leipzig Debate to the publication of Luther’s German Bible.
  • Volume 36: Word and Sacrament II (1959) – Six major movements of the resultant symphony are included in this volume, all dealing with the doctrine of the Lord’s Supper. In addition to providing observations on vows, sin, celibacy, sainthood, and spirits, Luther expresses his views concerning authority in the church, the place of Scripture, and the merits and limitations of a “Lutheran” confession.
  • Volume 37: Word and Sacrament III (1961) – This volume contains Luther’s most extensive exposition of his understanding of the Lord’s Supper. Directed against the more radical representatives of the sixteenth century reformation movement, this exposition is contained in the two major treatises appearing in an English translation in this volume. The translation and the wealth of historical commentary provided in this volume is a good starting point for a reassessment of the reformation contribution to our understanding of the Lord’s Supper.
  • Volume 38: Word and Sacrament IV (1971) – The final volume in the section entitled “Word and Sacrament” of Luther’s Works traces the development of Luther’s concept of the Lord’s Supper from the time of the Marburg Colloquy in 1529 down to 1544, two years before his death.
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