New American Standard 2020 with Strong’s

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Originally produced in 1971 and updated in 1995, the NASB has been widely embraced and trusted as a literal English translation. Now, the NASB 2020 improves accuracy where possible, modernizes language, and improves readability. These refinements maintain faithful accuracy to the original texts and provide a clear understanding of God’s Word to those who prefer more modern English standards. The long-established translation standard for the NASB remains the same as it always has been, that is to accurately translate the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts of the Bible into modern English that is clearly understandable today.

The NASB has been produced with the conviction that the words of Scripture, as originally penned in the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, were inspired by God.

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Notes & Cross-referencesNAS20S NotesNAS20S Notes
DictionariesNASB 2020 GreekNASB 2020 Greek Dictionary
DictionariesNASB 2020 HebrewNASB 2020 Hebrew Dictionary

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English BiblesNAS 2020 GroupNAS 2020 Group39.90


  1. Charles Prince

    Best Bible out there.

  2. (verified owner) Daniel Gordan

    As an OT scholar I can say just one word about this translation. Shame. Very unfaithful, very twisted, very weak. NAS95 is one of the best translations and when I read NAS20 I cannot believe my eyes. If you are a scholar you should own one, but if you want to teach church people or your kids, stay away.

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