Origen of Alexandria, Selected Works (Tagged Greek, English, Notes)

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An important early Christian thinker and theologian, Origen had a profound effect on later Christian theology and apologetics. This product contains the grammatically tagged Greek text of On the First Principles and the first three books of Against Celsus. It is formatted to run in parallel with the English translation which is included with the purchase of this module. The Notes file is also included.

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Based on J.P. Migne, ed. Patrologiae Graecae, Volume X (1857). In the public domain. Morphologically tagged by Accordance Bible Software.

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English Non-Biblical TextORIGEN-EOrigen of Alexandria, Selected Works (English)
Accessory ModulesORIGEN NotesOrigen of Alexandria, Selected Works (Notes)


  1. Marco Ceccarelli

    As far as I know the PG Migne volume number of these Origen’s works is XI, not X.

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