Tanakh Outlines

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A literary outline of all the books of the Hebrew Bible.

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Tanakh Outlines is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsJC5-AJewish Collection 5 CD-ROM-Advanced Level259
Primary CollectionsJC4-AJewish Collection 4 CD-ROM-Advanced Level259
Primary CollectionsJC6-AJewish Collection 6 Advanced Level299
Primary CollectionsUAJC4Jewish Collection 4- Unlock All509
Primary CollectionsUAJC5Jewish Collection 5- Unlock All545
Primary CollectionsUAJC6Jewish Collection 6 – Unlock All599
Primary CollectionsJC5-IJewish Collection 5 CD-ROM-Introductory Level89
Primary CollectionsJC4-IJewish Collection 4 CD-ROM-Introductory Level89
Primary CollectionsJC6-IJewish Collection 6 Introductory Level129
Hebrew add-on bundlesJewish Studies add-onJewish add-on for Biblical studies with JPS materials299
PC Primary LevelsPC-JC6-AJewish Collection 6 Advanced Level with disk for PC emulator239.99


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