Understanding the New Testament: An Introductory Atlas / November 01, 2013

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Save with the Carta Understanding Series which includes six (6) introductory Carta atlases.

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The New Testament (27 books) contains a record of the life of Jesus Christ and the birth and early growth of Christianity. The lands of the Bible have been aptly described as the “stage” on which the people who grace the pages of the New Testament moved. By understanding the dynamic of place, we open a window into other aspects of personal and communal life: political, economic, social and religious.

In looking at the world of the New Testament, it is proper to speak of the geographical realities of the first-century world in which the Gospel spread. By learning about these places and the historical interconnections between them, Bible readers can enter more deeply into the pages of the Bible and the divine message that it contains. This volume is a perfect tool for doing just that.

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