UPGRADE to PhotoMuseum 3 from PhotoMuseum 2 / September 20, 2021

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Requires Accordance 10.4 or above.

This upgrade to PhotoMuseum 3 will give you:

  • 250 new articles
  • nearly 350 new photos
  • thousands of additional links

New and Expanded with 250 additional articles and nearly 350 new photos, The Accordance Bible Times PhotoMuseum 3 offers an exciting window into the biblical world. Study the culture and religion of the ancient Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Canaanites, Hebrews, Hittites, Persians, Greeks, and Romans. Examine the tools they used, the houses in which they lived, the weapons with which they fought, and the sacred objects with which they worshiped. Read their inscriptions and learn about their kings and prophets.

A Treasure-Trove of Archeological Finds

Arranged like a typical Bible dictionary, the PhotoMuseum is unique in that it begins with the artifacts themselves. Most Bible dictionaries offer a general treatment of a subject and then illustrate it with an image or two. The PhotoMuseum, on the other hand, treats each subject by exploring the archaeological finds which inform our knowledge of that subject. In short, it lets you look at the actual clues so you can better understand how they help unravel the mystery of the Biblical world.

The PhotoMuseum 3 is copiously illustrated with nearly 1300 high resolution images referenced 2400 times.

A Companion to the Accordance Timeline

The Accordance Bible Times PhotoMuseum 3 is designed to function as a powerful companion to the Accordance Timeline, offering in depth articles about many of its people and events. These include:

• The most important rulers of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, Persia, Rome, etc.
• Many of the prophets of Israel
• Ancient texts and literary works
• Pivotal battles and key moments in history

A Launching Pad to Further Study

With thousands of links to more information, the PhotoMuseum serves as a launching pad to deeper study:

• 4400+ Scripture links
• 4600+ links to other articles within the PhotoMuseum
• 1250+ links to other Accordance resources

The Accordance Bible Times PhotoMuseum 3 is a must-have resource for understanding the historical, cultural, and political background of the Bible.


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