Rev. Garet D Robinson, PhD, University Baptist Church, Houston, Texas Over the past six years, I’ve been using Accordance Bible Software as the primary platform for my biblical studies and primary text research for both pastoral ministry and academic research.

There is no better program than Accordance for both of these areas. Having a powerful search engine developed around working in primary texts means Accordance is the leading edge software for anyone looking to dig deep in textual studies. Coupling these textual resources with tools such as the Comprehensive Cross-Reference system, leading Greek and Hebrew lexicons, Thompson Chain Reference, and an assortment of quality commentaries allows for deep research in a short amount of time relative to what it might have taken ten or fifteen years ago.

Accordance also helped me during my dissertation work as I looked into early church ecclesiology. Using modules such as the complete Apostolic Fathers in Greek and English, along with early Church Apologists, Schaff’s entire Church Fathers (Ante-Nicene and Post-Nicene), and Apocryphal Gospels allowed me to accomplish deep research which would have taken weeks or months in a matter of minutes and hours. Being able to look across thousands of pages of primary source material, searching for specific words and phrases in the content, allowed for my research to reach farther into the text faster than by older means. Having texts in the original languages that were tagged as well as hyperlinked tools made it possible to complete major research easily and without having to leave the comfort of my home study. With the integration of tools across multiple modules, all managed by the user-friendly layout of the program, Accordance has put together a scalable system that provides the best in class resources for the pastor and scholar alike.

I heartily recommend Accordance Bible Software to parishioners and budding pastor-theologians on a regular basis. This is the best program you can find for serious textual studies of the Bible and literature from antiquity.

Thank you for the opportunity to recommend this program, which was easy to do because it is the best program I’ve found for my pastoral and academic needs. You all are helping advance the Kingdom and so many of us are thankful for you!

Grace and peace to you,

Rev. Garet D Robinson, PhD, University Baptist Church, Houston, Texas