This page will provide instructions to download the screen sharing application we use for technical support.

Go to The installer usually downloads automatically or it will ask permission.

The installer download will usually appear on the bottom left or top right. If you don’t see it in either of these places, check the downloads folder.

Open the installer to get a 9-digit code. Provide the code that appears to Tech Support.

There are a few more steps on MacOS Catalina:

After you open the installer, this window will come up. Double-click on the circle in the middle.

Please, give the code that appears to Tech Support. If you see the blue “Allow” buttons, there are some extra steps in the System Preferences.

MacOS Mojave only has one blue “Allow” button. There are none on MacOSs before that.

In System Preferences, open Security & Privacy.

In the Privacy tab, unlock the yellow padlock on the bottom left. Then go to Accessibility on the left and check Splashtop on the right. Do the same with Screen Recording on the left.