contest Ever seen an episode of Man vs. Wild? Survival expert Bear Grylls gets dropped into the middle of the Everglades or the Arctic tundra and shows you how to survive if you’re ever in a similar situation. Grylls won’t just tell you which frogs are poisonous and which are good eating, he’ll SHOW you by eating one himself!

Well there’s one survival situation I doubt even Grylls would know how to handle: a seminary education. Anyone who has ever been dropped in the middle of that wild and woolly world will understand immediately how hard it can be to survive. You have to learn not one but two ancient languages (maybe even more!). Each professor assigns reading material with apparent disregard of the fact that you’re taking other classes at the same time. In the span of three or four years, you’re expected to become a careful exegete, an expert theologian, a gifted communicator, and a compassionate counselor. Good luck!

Survivalists like Grylls know a good knife and the ability to start a fire are essential to surviving in the wild. Savvy students like you know that Accordance is essential for seminary survival. Now we want you to show your fellow seminarians why that is. Send us your own video documentary explaining how Accordance is essential to your own seminary survival, and you can earn a gift certificate toward your next Accordance purchase or $250.00 worth of Accordance products.

While we’ve aimed this contest at seminary students, there’s no reason you pastors and profs can’t enter as well. You’ll find details on how to enter here. Get creative, have fun with it, and please, don’t eat any frogs!