[Today’s post is by Darin Allen, our new Director of Marketing and the guy who did all the legwork on our iPad 2 Giveaway. Like many members of the Accordance team, he started out as an enthusiastic user.]

Coffee Flame

One of my favorite things about Accordance is the passion of our users. Personally, I invested in Accordance after a colleague from seminary offered to meet with me one-on-one to demonstrate the software in action. We sat in a coffee shop for over an hour while he showed me how he used Accordance to study the Bible in ways I didn’t even know were possible. Phrases like “No way, the map rotates in 3-D!” “Crazy, you can search things graphically!” and “Uhh, what’s the Peshitta?” were all common expressions during this session. By the end of our time, I was completely sold on Accordance. And yet, he wasn’t a salesman. He was a Biblical scholar.

I see this same enthusiasm reflected in so many of our users. Whether it is on our user forums, on Facebook and Twitter, or in a seminary class, Accordance users are passionate about Bible study and they are eager to help others go deeper in their own study of Scripture. This desire on the part of our users to share Accordance with others is something we don’t take for granted, and we want you to know that we appreciate it.

As a way to say thank you, we have two incredible promotions going on for the month of April. The first is our Pick a Product sale. This is the biggest and most comprehensive sale we’ve ever offered. Rather than us choosing two or three featured products to offer a discount on, we are letting you choose any one product you want and giving you 25% off of that item.  All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is to add the coupon code PICKAP at checkout then send your order to manual processing so our sales team can apply your discount.

The second promotion we are offering is the Accordance Bible iPad 2 Giveaway. Not only are we giving away a Grand Prize of an iPad 2 and $500 of Accordance modules, but we are also giving away a Bonus Prize of $250 in Accordance modules to the first person who refers the Grand Prize winner via social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Because our users are passionate enthusiasts, we knew you would share the giveaway with your friends. That’s why we wanted to offer the Bonus Prize, as a way to say thanks for spreading the word. For some creative inspiration on sharing this with your friends, check out David Lang’s post on Twittering Away About the iPad Giveaway.

With the month more than half over, now is the time to capitalize on our Pick a Product sale and get in your iPad 2 entries. Just think, with Accordance fully loaded on your brand new iPad 2, it won’t be long before your friends are saying “No way, this can do FaceTime!” “Crazy, the magnetic cover turns the device on and off!” and “Uhhh, what’s the Peshitta?”