Daily Reading icon A new year means a new beginning. With new beginnings come opportunities for renewals of our spiritual goals and commitments. One of the best ways to renew our spiritual commitments involves setting aside a daily time for reading Scripture and reflecting on biblical content. If your resolutions for the new year include commitment to any kind of daily readings or devotionals, why not use Accordance to help you reach those goals?

You may or may not know that there’s a Daily Reading Workspace built into Accordance. The icon for accessing the Daily Readings is probably on your toolbar as seen in the image above. If it’s not, you can add it by customizing your toolbar (Window menu: Customize Toolbar…). To change your default daily reading text, go to Accordance Preferences (accessed from the Edit menu in Windows or the Accordance menu on the Mac). In the Preferences window, choose Reading/Research to select the Daily Reading or Devotional of your choice.

Readings prefs

After selecting the devotional or daily reading, you can begin each day by clicking on the Daily Reading icon. This will launch the Daily Reading Workspace in a window on top of the workspace you currently have open. The new workspace will automatically open your preferred daily reading or devotional to the current calendar date. In parallel, any Scripture references mentioned in the devotional or reading will be opened for you in your default biblical text.

Daily Reading ds
Above: a Daily Reading Workspace screen capture from a Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows tablet.
Tip: ditch the traditional desktop or laptop computer and enjoy your daily quiet time of reflection with a handheld Windows tablet or iPad (note that the iPad interface is different from what is described above). 

To help you start the year off right, we are placing a number of select devotionals and daily readings on sale at discounts up to 25%. Of course, even if you don’t see the title you want below, everything in the Accordance Library can be purchased with a 15% discount through January 5 with the coupon code Holiday2014-15

New Release: Butler Daily Bible Readings
These devotional books are intended to help and encourage people to read through the Bible at least once a year and to read through the Bible with meaning and understanding. Volumes 1-3 contain devotionals and “sermonettes” relating to the daily reading, and Volume 4 contains questions and answers over the text.

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Daily Strength for Daily Needs
This little book of brief selections in prose and verse, with accompanying texts of Scripture, is intended for a daily companion and counselor. It includes some of the most inspirational words of famous Christian writers such as Jeanne Guyon, St. Augustine, Hannah Whitall Smith, William Law, Charles Wesley, and George MacDonald.

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Days of Heaven Upon Earth
This work offers brief but powerful reflections upon Scripture by A. B. Simpson, founder of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.

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The Faithful Promiser
The Faithful Promiser by John R. MacDuff contains 31 daily reflections on individual promises of God. Each day’s devotion begins with the assurance that “He is faithful that promised,” and ends with the prayer, “Remember this Word unto thy servant, upon which thou hast caused me to hope.”

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M’Cheyne Family Readings and Secret Readings
Scottish minister Robert Murray M’Cheyne devised a Bible reading plan which has remained popular for more than a century and a half. Divided into readings for Family worship and “Secret” (that is, personal) devotion, M’Cheyne’s system covers the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice during the course of a year.

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My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year
This book by J. H. Jowett, presents a brief meditation on a passage of Scripture for each day of the year.

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Devotional Bundle (Includes the five volumes listed above)

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Experiencing God (Includes Experiencing God Day by Day)
(Included in most Accordance 11 Collections)

Brimming with insight and seasoned with grace, this 365-day devotional reader helps to start a daily routine by focusing the mind on the divine presence in each life. Whether selected as a thoughtful gift or as a personal resource, this book will inspire great changes while sustaining the essential habit of turning to God on a daily basis.

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Basic-11 Group (Includes 7 Devotionals)
(Included in most Accordance 11 Collections)

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