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Book cover: Historic Views: Bible Places-Bivin Bible Places - Views That Have Vanished Collection CROSSGRADE

Historic Views: Bible Places-Bivin Bible Places - Views That Have Vanished Collection CROSSGRADE

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In the early 1960s, David Bivin went to study at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Armed with a Yashica-D medium-format camera, Bivin traveled the land of Israel and the surrounding regions taking photographs of biblical sites, archaeological excavations, and everyday scenes. Today these photographs provide a window on a land that has changed radically, as a result of the construction of cities, the Six Day War, and the unification of Jerusalem.

This Accordance module includes more than 700 photographs of Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Greece, and Rome from the 1960s. The photos are enhanced by the careful documentation of the place and date, and other notes - all fully searchable.

See photographer’s list of all images.

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Historic Views of the Holy Land
Bible Places - Historic Views that have Vanished
• Photographer: David Bivin
Producer: Todd Bolen


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