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Book cover: Pictorial Library of Bible Lands: Cultural Images CROSSGRADE

Pictorial Library of Bible Lands: Cultural Images CROSSGRADE

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As with all upgrades, the special price is offered on the condition that the original software is not sold or given to anyone else.

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About the Series:
The Pictorial Library of Bible Lands is an 18-volume collection of high-resolution photographs of important biblical and historical sites in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, and other countries. The entire collection includes more than 17,500 high-resolution photographs, all carefully identified and prepared for easy use. The Pictorial Library of Bible Lands includes extensive descriptive explanations. The annotations are the result of many years of research and writing by a professor of biblical geography and archaeology living in Israel.

About this Module:
This module contains Volume 17 of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands - The Cultural Images of the Holy Land which is comprised of more than 1,050 images. Photographs are included of agricultural, fauna, shepherds, sheepshearing, pottery making, Samaritan Passover, Jewish holidays, Christian holidays, weddings, scribes, and Bedouin tents.

Check here for an index of all of the photos.

For more information, see this release announcement.

The Pictorial Library of Bible Lands (Volume 17)
The Cultural Images of the Holy Land
• Producer: Todd Bolen (2012)


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January 24, 2018  |  4:52 AM   |    Fantastic (5)
The quality of the images are excellent.
Ever wanted an image of a tent to illustrate paul as a tent maker?
Ever wanted an image of a potter or a shepherd?
Or Jewish life or Jewish and Christian holiday celebrations?

The range of the images is great for illustrating the bible passages to help bring them to life. They are clearly indexed with about 15 topics to help you quickly locate what it is you are after and many also have useful descriptions and scripture references.

A really useful set to illustrate daily life.