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Book cover: Works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (16 volumes)

Works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (16 volumes)

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This wonderful series is a translation from the German editions of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Werke. A comprehensive and thoroughly annotated sixteen-volume resource for the study of Bonhoeffer in the wider frame of twentieth-century thought and history.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, one of the most influential Christian martyrs in history, bequeathed to humanity a legacy of theological creativity and spirituality that continues to intrigue people from a variety of backgrounds. Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, a sixteen-volume series, offers a fresh, critical translation of Bonhoeffer’s writings, with introductions, annotations, and interpretations.

  • Volume 1 Sanctorum Communio: A Theological Study of the Sociology of the Church, translation of Sanctorum Communio: Eine dogmatische Untersuchung zur Soziologie der Kirche
  • Volume 2 Act and Being: Transcendental Philosophy and Ontology in Systematic Theology, translation of Akt und Sein: Transzendentalphilosophie und Ontologie in der systematischen Theologie
  • Volume 3 Creation and Fall, translation of Schöpfung und Fall
  • Volume 4 Discipleship, translation of Nachfolge
  • Volume 5 Life Together, translation of Gemeinsames Leben
    and The Prayerbook of the Bible: An Introduction to the Psalms, translation of Das Gebetbuch der Bibel
  • Volume 6 Ethics, translation of Ethik
  • Volume 7 Fiction from Tegel Prison, translation of Fragmente aus Tegel
  • Volume 8 Letters and Papers from Prison, translation of Widerstand und Ergebung
  • Volume 9 The Young Bonhoeffer: 1918-1927, translation of Jugend und Studium: 1918-1927
  • Volume 10 Barcelona, Berlin, New York: 1928-1931, translation of Barcelona, Berlin, Amerika: 1928-1931
  • Volume 11 Ecumenical, Academic and Pastoral Work: 1931-1932, translation of Ökumene, Universität, Pfarramt: 1931-1932
  • Volume 12 Berlin: 1933, translation of Berlin: 1933
  • Volume 13 London: 1933-1935, translation of London: 1933-1935
  • Volume 14 Theological Education at Finkenwalde: 1935-1937, translation of Illegale Theologenausbildung: 1935-1937
  • Volume 15 Theological Education Underground: 1937-1940, translation of Illegale Theologenausbildung: 1937-1940
  • Volume 16 Conspiracy and Imprisonment: 1940-1945, translation of Konspiration und Haft: 1940-1945
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