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Book cover: Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible (22 Volumes)

Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible (22 Volumes)

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The Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible encourages readers to explore how the vital roots of the ancient Christian tradition inform and shape faithfulness today. This commentary series is designed to serve the church--providing a rich resource for preachers, teachers, students and study groups--and to demonstrate the continuing intellectual and practical viability of theological interpretation of the Bible.

Volumes included in this module:

  • Genesis by R.R. Reno (2010)
  • Exodus by Thomas Joseph White (2016)
  • Leviticus by Ephraim Radner (2008)
  • Numbers by David L. Stubbs (2009)
  • Deuteronomy by Telford Work (2009)
  • 1 Samuel by Francesca Aran Murphy (2010)
  • 2 Samuel by Robert Barron (2015)
  • 1 & 2 Kings by Peter J. Leithart (2006)
  • Ezra & Nehemiah by Matthew Levering (2007)
  • Esther & Daniel by Samuel Wells and George Sumner (2013)
  • Psalms 1-50 by Ellen T. Charry (2015)
  • Proverbs & Ecclesiastes by Daniel J. Treier (2011)
  • Song of Songs by Paul J. Griffiths (2011)
  • Ezekiel by Robert W. Jenson (2009)
  • Jonah by Phillip Cary (2008)
  • Matthew by Stanley Hauerwas (2006)
  • Luke by David Lyle Jeffrey (2012)
  • Acts by Jaroslav Pelikan (2005)
  • Colossians by Christopher R. Seitz (2014)
  • The Pastoral Epistles with Philemon & Jude by Risto Saarinen (2008)
  • 1 & 2 Peter by Douglas Harink (2009)
  • Revelation by Joseph L. Mangina (2010)

"What a splendid idea! Many preachers have been longing for more commentaries that are not only exegetical but theological in the best sense: arising out of the conviction that God, through his Word, still speaks in our time. For those of us who take our copies of Martin Luther's Galatians and Karl Barth's Romans from the shelves on a regular basis, this new series in that tradition promises renewed vigor for preaching, and therefore for the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church in our time."--Fleming Rutledge, author of The Bible and The New York Times and The Seven Last Words from the Cross

The Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible
General Editor: R. R. Reno
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group

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July 10, 2017  |  4:54 PM   |    Good (4)
Brazos is to be commended for this series, I have used this for several years and find it very insightful. Some volumes are less than stelar but all in all the volumes tend to be well written offering great theological insights on the text. These insights will help you apply scriptures in your daily life and your communication of the text. They often draw you from the passage you are reading to other parts of the Bible and right to what you need to work the text into our present reality. So often it is hard to pull a gem out of it's setting and retain it's beauty, but I would like to grab a small insight out of Jonah to help you understand the sort of wise insights this series has to offer: "All of us who shall at one time be as poor as dead can pray and be heard, no matter how helpless or dead we may be inside." -- Phillip Cary, Jonah, Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible