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Book cover: Carta's Jerusalem in the Year 30 A.D.

Carta's Jerusalem in the Year 30 A.D.

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See what the city looked like in the time of Christ.

Although some of the landmarks of Jerusalem of the first century A.D. remain tantalizingly elusive, we have learned enough of its make-up to allow us to open a door into this historical world. We see that many of the sites mentioned in the Gospels and in Acts lie exactly where the Bible places them and we are led to perceive how firmly the Bible is rooted in the actuality of the Land. Josephus may sometimes have been prone to exaggeration, but an investigation of the sites he so painstakingly describes, infuses a sense of vividness into the study of his narrative that reading alone cannot provide.

Many of the sites today are totally different from what they once were and physical contact with them can actually be a distraction. Yet even these sites, by compelling us to exercise our imagination, help to expand the scope of our understanding.

Open up the world of Jerusalem in the first century with Jerusalem in the Year 30 A.D. The combination of artistic restorations and on-site photographs transport you back almost 2,000 years. See the remains from the period preserved in and around the present-day walls of Jerusalem. Then walk the streets of the city in the time of Jesus with the minutely detailed reconstruction drawings.

Locations depicted include the Pool of Siloam, site of Jesus’ healing of the blind man; the Bethesda Pools, where the man parlyzed for 38 years was healed; and the Palatial Mansion where it is likely Jesus was interrogated by the priests and elders while Peter waited in the courtyard outside. Alternative routes for the “Via Dolorosa” and the two sites identified as Golgotha are also shown.

Jerusalem in the Year 30 A.D.
• Authors: Leen & Kathleen Ritmeyer
Illustrator: Leen Ritmeyer
Publisher: Carta, The Israel Map and Publishing Company, Ltd (2004)

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