Graphics Master Collection (November 2019)

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*Content and Pricing Subject to Change.

The Graphics Collections are designed as add-ons to other tracks, so they do not include the Starter Collection nor the Accordance Bible Software search engine.

This Collection will be updated on a quarterly basis (as needed) to include the latest Accordance releases. Current offerings are up-to-date as of the end of November 2019.

The Graphics Master Collection contains every graphic resource needed to teach Bible and related classes at the university level. It adds the Biblical World in Pictures (the Biblical Archaeology Society’s fourteen sets of slides for biblical and related studies) and three other photo collections: Cultural Images of the Holy Land; Trees, Plants, & Flowers of the Holy Land; and Churches and Monasteries in Israel.  It also includes seven illustrated volumes by Carta, centered on Jerusalem and its history. The Virtual Temple (English), which completes this set, is an interactive series of videos, lectures, photographs, and reconstructions of the Temple and Temple Mount.

All of Accordance’s graphic resources can be used in presentations and handouts for classrooms, churches, or synagogues.

This Collection will be updated on a quarterly basis (as needed) to include the latest Accordance releases. See the Collection Comparison Chart for a complete list.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
Graphic ResourcesAltitude dataAltitude dataN/A
Graphic ResourcesAtlas filesAtlas filesN/A
Graphic ResourcesBeigeBeige backgroundN/A
Graphic ResourcesBrownsBrowns backgroundN/A
Graphic ResourcesColorsColors backgroundN/A
Graphic ResourcesGraysGrays backgroundN/A
Graphic ResourcesGreenGreen backgroundN/A
Graphic ResourcesInfraredInfrared backgroundN/A
Graphic ResourcesLight BrownsLight Browns backgroundN/A
Graphic ResourcesLight ColorsLight Colors backgroundN/A
Graphic ResourcesNight VisionNight Vision backgroundN/A
Graphic ResourcesSatelliteSatellite backgroundN/A
Graphic ResourcesVivid ColorsVivid Colors backgroundN/A
Graphic ResourcesWhiteWhite backgroundN/A
Interactive ToolsAtlas 2.2Accordance Bible Atlas 2.2N/A
Interactive ToolsTimelineAccordance Timeline39.90
Photo CollectionsBAS PicturesBiblical Archaeology Society’s Biblical World in Pictures29.90
Photo CollectionsBP-Cultural ImagesPictorial Library of Bible Lands: Cultural Images of the Holy Land39.90
Photo CollectionsBP-Trees, Plants, FlowersPictorial Library of Bible Lands: Trees, Plants, and Flowers of the Holy Land39.90
Photo CollectionsChurches in IsraelChurches and Monasteries in Israel49.90
Photo CollectionsBP-American ColonyHistoric Views of the Holy Land: Bible Places – American Colony Collection149.00
Photo Collections100 Israel Sites100 Archaeological Sites and Biblical Landscapes in Israel99.90
Photo CollectionsBP-Bivin ViewsHistoric Views of the Holy Land: Bible Places – Views That Have Vanished39.90
Photo CollectionsBible ArtAccordance Gallery of Bible Art19.90
Photo CollectionsPhotoGuide-OverviewAccordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide: Overview39.90
Photo CollectionsPhotoGuide-IsraelAccordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide: Israel Collection59.90
Photo CollectionsPhotoMuseum 2Accordance Bible Times PhotoMuseum 279.90
Photo CollectionsPhotoGuide-EgyptAccordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide: Egypt Collection39.90
Photo CollectionsPhotoGuide-EuropeAccordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide: Europe Collection39.90
Photo CollectionsPhotoGuide-Near EastAccordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide: Near East Collection39.90
Photo CollectionsPhotoGuide-TurkeyAccordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide: Turkey Collection39.90
Photo CollectionsPicture the NTAccordance Picture the New Testament: A PhotoCommentary149.00
Image Rich ToolsC-Bible Atlas 5Carta Bible Atlas, The: Fifth Revised and Expanded Edition59.90
Image Rich ToolsC-History AtlasCarta’s Bible History Atlas Study Edition16.90
Image Rich ToolsC-Illustrated AtlasCarta’s Illustrated Bible Atlas with Historical Notes14.90
Image Rich ToolsC-Jer Hist AtlasCarta’s Historical Atlas of Jerusalem19.90
Image Rich ToolsC-Jer-30 ADCarta’s Jerusalem in the Year 30 A.D.17.90
Image Rich ToolsC-Jer-NehemiahCarta’s Jerusalem in the Time of Nehemiah17.90
Image Rich ToolsC-Jerusalem AtlasCarta Jerusalem Atlas, The (Third Revised & Updated Edition)59.90
Image Rich ToolsC-QuestCarta’s The Quest64.90
Image Rich ToolsHolman ChartsHolman Book of Biblical Charts, Maps, & Reconstructions19.90
Image Rich ToolsIVP-NB AtlasNew Bible Atlas23.90
Image Rich ToolsSatellite AtlasSatellite Bible Atlas49.90
Image Rich ToolsRose Bible MapsRose Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps29.90
Image Rich ToolsVirtual BibleVirtual Bible, The: 3D Reconstructions of the Biblical World (Warner, Strange)N/A
Image Rich ToolsHolman AtlasHolman Bible Atlas21.90
Image Rich ToolsRose End-TimesRose Guide to End-Times Prophecy19.90
Image Rich ToolsRose TabernacleRose Guide to the Tabernacle29.90
Image Rich ToolsRose TempleRose Guide to the Temple29.90
Image Rich ToolsVirtual Temple-EngVirtual Tour to the Temple (English version)59.90
DictionariesPlace NamesDictionary of Place NamesN/A
DictionariesSitesListing of Atlas SitesN/A


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