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Book cover: Dictionary of Classical Hebrew (complete 8 volumes)

Dictionary of Classical Hebrew (complete 8 volumes)

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This is the complete 8-volume set of The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, edited by David J. A. Clines, a completely new and innovative work.

Unlike previous dictionaries, which have been dictionaries of Biblical Hebrew, this is the first dictionary of the classical Hebrew language to include the Bible, Ben Sira, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and all the other known Hebrew inscriptions and manuscripts.

This dictionary covers the period from the earliest times to 200 CE. It lists and analyzes every occurrence of each Hebrew word that occurs in texts of that period, with an English translation of every Hebrew word and phrase cited.

Among its special features are:

  • A list of the non-biblical texts cited (especially the Dead Sea Scrolls)
  • A word frequency index for each letter of the alphabet
  • A substantial bibliography (from Volume 2 onward)
  • An English-Hebrew index in each volume

See blog article on use of lexicons.

8/11/14 Update: The 3.0 update adds pages numbers to the module.

The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew
• Editor: David J. A. Clines
Consulting Editors: Philip R. Davies, John W. Rogerson
Publisher: Sheffield Phoenix Press (2011)

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December 13, 2012  |  5:13 PM   |    Okay (3)
This is not a review of the Accordance module, because I will not license it blind: there must be at least a sample of what the text and tagging look like, and as yet there still is none on the web site. That is a pity, because I have used the print version from time to time. I hope that there will be a screen shot posted soon. I am grateful that Accordance is making this available, as this dictionary has many advantages over other dictionaries of classical Hebrew.—Addendum Dec 15th: Thank you very much for the screen view of this module. I am now quite satisfied that this module will be well worth the licensing fee and I look forward to being able to acquire it. I know from the print version how good it is, and the Accordance tagging and hyperlinking will make it even more useful.