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Book cover: DSS Index, upgrade from Qumran Index

DSS Index, upgrade from Qumran Index

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This upgrade is available to users who previously purchased the Qumran Index.  With this purchase, users will be upgraded to DSS Index. Add this upgrade product to your shopping cart like any other product.

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An Index of Qumran Manuscripts and other DSS manuscripts, with description, paleography, dating, and bibliography, edited by Dr. Martin G. Abegg, Jr. The index is corrected and updated from the Qumran index and now covers all the MSS that are now found in modules QUMRAN, DSSB-C/M, and JUDEAN-T.

1/16/14 Update: The 2.0 update of the DSS Index adds all of the missing Judean Desert materials (just name and bibliography at present).

8/9/15 Update: The 3.0 update adds hyperlinks to images housed at the Israel Museum as well as the Accordance Dead Sea Scrolls Images. Also includes the latest content updates.

See article and links to all Dead Sea Scrolls resources.

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