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Faith's Checkbook

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A 365-day devotional by Charles Spurgeon. Written after his classic Morning and Evening, the devotions in this volume are briefer and cover a wider variety of subjects.

“A promise from God may very instructively be compared to a check payable to order. It is given to the believer with the view of bestowing upon him some good thing. It is not meant that he should read it over comfortably, and then have done with it. No, he is to treat the promise as a reality, as a man treats a check.”

“For long years several thousands of God’s people have read my ‘Morning by Morning’ and ‘Evening by Evening,’ and many of them have been good enough to write me, and acknowledge the benefit of such a perusal. I hope this little book will not interfere with those volumes. These daily portions are gathered from a more varied range of topics, and are all the more profitable because they deal with doctrine, experience, practice, and everything else. This is a sweetmeat of promise only, and it must not interfere with the fuller meals: nay, rather, I hope it will excite a desire for them.”

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Faith’s Checkbook, A Daily Devotional
Also published as The Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith
• Author: Charles H. Spurgeon

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