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Book cover: History of Biblical Interpretation (Volumes 1-3)

History of Biblical Interpretation (Volumes 1-3)

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At first glance, it may seem strange that after more than two thousand years of biblical interpretation there are still major disagreements among biblical scholars about what the Jewish and Christian Scriptures say and about how one is to read and understand them. Yet the range of interpretive approaches now available is the result both of the richness of the biblical texts themselves and of differences in the worldviews of the communities and individuals who have sought to make the Scriptures relevant to their own time and place.

A History of Biblical Interpretation provides detailed and extensive studies of the interpretation of the Scriptures by Jewish and Christian writers throughout the ages. Written by internationally renowned scholars, this multivolume work comprehensively treats the many different methods of interpretation, the many important interpreters who have written in various eras, and the many key issues that have surfaced repeatedly over the long course of biblical interpretation.

  • The Ancient Period (Volume 1) (2008): This first volume of A History of Biblical Interpretation explores interpreters and their methods in the ancient period, from the very earliest stages to the time when the canons of Judaism and Christianity gained general acceptance. The first part of the book concentrates on the use of the Scriptures within Judaism. The second part of the book probes themes specific to Christian interpretation of the biblical texts. In addition to these in-depth studies, the volume includes a substantial introduction by the editors that gives readers both a broad overview of the primary issues and features of ancient biblical interpretation as treated in this volume and a means of sampling the ways in which the key figures, schools of interpretation, and issues discussed interweave and contrast with each other.
  • The Medieval through the Reformation Periods (2009): This volume examines themes such as the variety of interpretative developments within Judaism during this period, the achievements of the Carolingian era and the later scholastic developments within the universities.
  • The Enlightenment through the Nineteenth Century (Volume 3) (2017): This third installment examines the period after the Reformation until the dawn of the twentieth century. Its essays cover broad intellectual and historical movements such as historical criticism, textual criticism, and the quest for the historical Jesus. Other contributions focus on particular individuals, including Baruch Spinoza, Friedrich Schleiermacher, and F. C. Baur.

A History of Biblical Interpretation (3 Volumes)
• Editors: Alan J. Hauser, Duane F. Watson
• Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans

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April 23, 2019  |  1:31 PM   |    Fantastic (5)
Technically, this serves more as a recommendation than as a review. I bought the print volume two of this series at a deep discount, but never found the others at the same price. Check around and you will see that these volumes often retail at, or near, $60 per volume, They can occasionally be found discounted at $40 per bk. The introductory Accordance Bible Software price of $69.90 for all three, that's just a "no brainer." Plus, the hyperlinked, searchability features, and so much more ... like everything that makes an Accordance text work seamlessly with all of the other resources in your library, this resource is worth the invest. It's just a smart buy. I purchased mine as soon as I saw the initial offering. Thanks Accordance ... as always. [PS ... I may get around to doing a "real" review later.]