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Book cover: My Favorite Illustrations (Hobbs)

My Favorite Illustrations (Hobbs)

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My Favorite Illustrations is gleaned from over eighty volumes of studying life and work lessons which Dr. Hobbs has written. Dr. Ronald K. Brown, his curriculum editor, has compiled these illustrations into many categories, including age, atonement, evangelism, family life, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, heaven, hell, holidays, miracles, new birth, praise, salvation, second coming, thanksgiving, work and youth.

This book is about word pictures. Usually we refer to them as illustrations—those stories, anecdotes, and concise statements that bring vitality to speeches, sermons, lessons, and other verbal presentations. Most persons who speak or write are constantly on the lookout for illustrations. They know the value of an appropriate illustration and they season their works with them.

My Favorite Illustrations (Herschel H. Hobbs)
• Compiler: Ronald K. Brown
• Publisher: Broadman Press (1990)

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