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Book cover: Galatians: A Commentary (Keener)

Galatians: A Commentary (Keener)

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Leading New Testament scholar Craig Keener is widely respected for his thorough research, sound judgments, and knowledge of ancient sources. His four-volume magnum opus on Acts has received high praise from all quarters. This commentary on Paul's Letter to the Galatians features Keener's meticulous and comprehensive research and offers a wealth of fresh insights. It will benefit students, pastors, and church leaders alike.

"Craig Keener adds to his already impressive output a superb commentary. All that we have come to expect from a Keener commentary is here in full: a massive range of primary sources and secondary literature clearly known, absorbed, and evaluated; a sure and steady guide through the many complexities of the text; and a clear statement of the position adopted on the key issues with persuasive reasons at every point. This is a massive achievement from which all students of Galatians will profit for many years to come."
--Christopher Tuckett, University of Oxford

Galatians: A Commentary
• Author: Craig Keener
• Publisher: Baker Publishing (2019)

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