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Book cover: Manual of Ugaritic, A (Bordreuil, Pardee) CROSSGRADE

Manual of Ugaritic, A (Bordreuil, Pardee) CROSSGRADE

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Requires Accordance 11.2 or above.

Pierre Bordreuil and Dennis Pardee are two of the best-known scholars doing research on the language and texts of the ancient city of Ugarit (modern Tell Ras Shamra). This grammar was first published in French in 2004 in two volumes; and Eisenbrauns is pleased to make it available now in a corrected and updated version, in one volume, with significant enhancements.

The book includes a historical introduction to the texts and language. The book also includes a sketch of the grammar of Ugaritic, a bibliography, facsimiles (hand-copies) of a number of texts, and a glossary and text concordance. In short, everything that a student needs for entrée into the language. In the Appendix, color photos of all of the texts included in the book are provided.

??The hyperlinks to the PDF enable the reader to move easily from the discussion in the grammar to a copy of a text to the color photo of the text and back again, making the material much more accessible and usable for students and researchers.

A Manual of Ugaritic: Linguistic Studies in Ancient West Semitic
• Authors: Pierre Bordreuil, Dennis Pardee 
• Publisher: Eisenbrauns (2009)


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