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Book cover: NA28 Greek New Testament with Apparatus and tagging, add on to GNT-T

NA28 Greek New Testament with Apparatus and tagging, add on to GNT-T

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This upgrade is offered to users who previously purchased the tagged Greek New Testament (GNT-T).  Users will be upgraded to the NA28 Greek New Testament with Apparatus (NA28-T) which adds the apparatus and the sigla to the original GNT-T version. This particular upgrade from GNT-T also includes the GNT28-T which will be added to the order after processing.

While the NA28-T requires version 10.1.6 for full functionality, users with earlier versions of 10 or version 9 will be able to download and use this module with the one exception that the Instant Details will not work for the sigla on this module.

See blog post for more information and a First Look video. Watch a comparative video review and demo.

Complete text of Nestle-Aland, 28th Edition Greek New Testament with complete morphological tags, and accompanying NA28 Apparatus.

The 28th edition of the Nestle-Aland had to accomplish two different tasks. First, the apparatus had to be revised thoroughly to give it more clarity and make it easier to use. Secondly, the text-critical in-sights and decisions resulting from work on the Editio Critica Maior of the Greek New Testament had to be incorporated. As a consequence of these alterations, which so far concern only the Catholic Letters, the Nestle-Aland has for the first time in its history a different presentation for different parts of the text. The Catholic Letters were revised according to a fundamentally new concept which in the long run will be adopted for the entire edition. The revision of the remaining texts was confined to a thorough inspection and rearrangement of the apparatus, while the basic structure was left untouched.

Changes in NA28

  • Revision and Correction of the Whole Edition
    • Newly discovered Papyri listed
    • Distinction between consistently cited witnesses of the first and second order abandoned
    • Apparatus notes systematically checked
    • Imprecise notes abandoned
    • Previously concatenated notes now cited separately
    • Inserted Latin texts reduced and translated
    • References thoroughly revised
  • Revision of the Catholic Letters
    • New reconstruction of the text
    • Defining the Consistently Cited Witnesses for the Catholic Letters

Note: Appendix III: Loci citati vel allegati is not included in our edition of NA28-T as the publisher did not provide us electronic files. This is an index of quotations that are contained in the “Notes in the Outer Margin” (see p. 82*), which are included in the Accordance module NA28 Crossrefs (included with the purchase of the Apparatus).

The so-called Eusebian Apparatus is also not included in our digital edition as the publisher did not provide electronic files.

Novum Testamentum Greace (Nestle-Aland, 28th Edition)
• Publisher: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft / German Bible Society (December 2012)

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October 14, 2013  |  3:57 PM   |    Fantastic (5)
Just a short review for now: As of October 2013 no other presentation of the NA28 and its apparatus comes close to what Accordance offers. It's not available in every Bible software you might otherwise look to to carry it, and even where it is, Accordance is hyperlinked and streamlined in a way that de-mystifies this critical edition for even a (relative) newbie.

Make sure to watch the "First Look" video that is linked in the Accordance blog post above. Produced by the Accordance team, that video gives a good sense of what one can do with this module, and how it is more conducive to in-depth study than the print edition alone.

Highly recommended, without reservation.