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Book cover: NIV Application Commentary: Letters of John (Gary M. Burge)

NIV Application Commentary: Letters of John (Gary M. Burge)

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As Burge shows in this commentary, the Johannine community was struggling with internal theological threats that can only be called heretical. "Threats that were once external" – believers in secret esoteric wisdom, incorrect views of Jesus, immoral behavior – "were now found withing the ranks of the fellowship itself." John, the author of these letters, demands that the Christians reading these words realize that they have a responsibility to discern between the true and the false, between Christian behavior and un-Christian behavior. The Johannine letters are a clear call to stand firm in the historic revelation of Jesus Christ and the Incarnation.

About the Series
This unique series shows readers how to bring an ancient message into modern context. It explains not only what the Bible meant but also how it can speak powerfully today. Therefore, the NIV Application Commentary Series helps with both halves of the interpretative task: exegesis and theological application.

Additionally, the unique reader friendly format and the direct pinning of the entire series to the NIV, make it exceptionally easy for non-specialist readers to follow and learn from.

Commentary authors will, at times, work with the original languages but complete explanations are always given in non-specialist language; and they serve the exclusive function of further explicating the text at hand. The same approach is taken with all complex issues and interpretive matters. The focus is on learning and applying and every tool used by the commentators serves this end.

Letters of John
• Series: NIV Application Commentary Series
• General Editor: Terry Muck
• NT Consulting Editors: Eugene Peterson, Scot McKnight, Marianne Meye Thompson, Klyne Snodgrass
• Author: Gary M. Burge
• Publisher: Zondervan (1996)

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