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Book cover: Greek-English Dictionary of the NT, upgrade from UBS Lexicon

Greek-English Dictionary of the NT, upgrade from UBS Lexicon

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This update is available to users who previously purchased the UBS Greek Lexicon by Barclay Newman (UBS Lexicon).  This purchase will upgrade the user to the Barclay Newman Dictionary (2010 Revision) (Newman Dictionary). Add this upgrade product to your shopping cart like any other product.

This concise dictionary of New Testament words by Barclay Newman was updated in 2010 and is included in new print editions of the United Bible Society’s Greek New Testament.

The most important new features of the revised edition are as follows:

  • Each definition of each word has been carefully reviewed and, where deemed necessary, revised.
  • A system of cross-referencing between related Greek words has been introduced (not hypertexted in Accordance, but searchable)
  • As a didactic, mnemonic, and phonetic device, compound words are divided by small upright lines.
  • A sampling of some Greek NT words that share similar meanings is included as an appendix to the dictionary.

A Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament (Revised Edition)
• Author/Editor: Barclay M. Newman
• Publisher: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft (2010)

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