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Book cover: Old Testament Law for Christians (Gane)

Old Testament Law for Christians (Gane)

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The Old Testament law is foundational for our understanding of the Bible, but for many it remains some of the Old Testament's most foreign and exotic material. This book by a leading evangelical expert in biblical law helps readers understand Old Testament law, how it functioned in the Old Testament, and how it is (and is not) instructive for contemporary Christians. The author explicates the often confusing legal system of ancient Israel, differentiates between time-bound cultural aspects of Israelite law and universally applicable aspects of the divine value system, and shows the ethical relevance of Old Testament law for Christians today.

“Gane has given us a great introduction to the subject of Old Testament law, a thorough review of the major approaches and interpretations of this law, and a moderate but entirely appropriate application of law to the New Testament and to Christians today. More than ever, we need this guide to overturn the false dichotomy between an Old Testament God of law and a New Testament God of grace.” –– Richard S. Hess, distinguished professor of Old Testament, Denver Seminary

Old Testament Law for Christians
• Author: Roy E. Gane
• Publisher: Baker Publishers (2017)

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