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Book cover: Popular Patristics Series (Release 1) (5 Volumes)

Popular Patristics Series (Release 1) (5 Volumes)

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About the Popular Patristics Series (PPS):
The Popular Patristics Series published by St Vladimir’s Seminary Press provides readable and accurate translations of a wide range of early Christian literature to a wide audience—students of Christian history to lay Christians reading for spiritual benefit. Recognized scholars in their fields provide short but comprehensive and clear introductions to the material. The mission of the series is to mine the riches of the early Church and to make these treasures available to all.

The series includes classics of Christian literature, thematic volumes, homily collections, letters, spiritual guidance, and poetical works from a wide variety of geographical contexts and historical backgrounds. Patristic authors include St Athanasius, St Gregory the Great, St Basil, St Gregory of Nazianzus, Tertullian, and many, many more!

Release #1 of this series contains the following volumes:

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package. For details click the Title.

Four Desert Fathers
Give Me a Word
Macarius the Spiritbearer
On the Lord's Prayer
Treatises Divine Images


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