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Book cover: Sermon Outline Series - Volume 1 (Topical - All Purpose for All Occasions)

Sermon Outline Series - Volume 1 (Topical - All Purpose for All Occasions)

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Baker’s Sermon Outline Series is a collection of sermon outlines containing a significant amount of variety.

These are not books of sermons that can be preached as is. The busy pastor is still going to have to spend a certain amount of time fleshing these outlines out. Exposition is still required, including the pastor’s own illustrations and points of emphasis. These sermon outlines merely give the busy pastor a head start and a helping hand when it’s most needed.

Who will benefit from the Sermon Outline Series?

  • Busy pastors
  • Bi-vocational pastors
  • Supply preachers who often get calls at the last minute
  • Lay leaders who often have to teach or preach
  • Anyone who experiences writer’s block occasionally
  • Anyone who simply wants a collection of outlines on Scripture for study purposes

This volume consists of two (2) modules:

  • Hayden’s Outlines (Eric W. Hayden) (SOS-Hayden)

All-Occasion Sermon Outlines (13 Outlines)
All-Purpose Sermon Outlines (13 Outlines)
Complete Sermon Outlines (27 Outlines)
Sermon Outlines on Christian Service (17 Outlines)

  • Assorted Topical Outlines (SOS-Topical)

Preach the Word (Billy Apostolon) (49 Outlines)
Fifty Sermon Outlines on the Way of Salvation (Jeff D. Brown) (50 Outlines)
Sermon Outlines for Special Occasions (J. Dean Cameron) (47 Outlines)
Sermon Outlines for Funerals (C. W. Keiningham) (36 Outlines)
Easy-to-Use Sermon Outlines (Russell E. Spray) (27 Outlines)
Positive Sermon Outlines (Russell E. Spray) (28 Outlines)

You may also be interested in the full 3-volume set of the Sermon Outline Series.

Sermon Outline Series (Volume 1)
• Publisher: Baker Publishing

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Sermon Outline Series - Volume 1 (Topical - All Purpose for All Occasions) is included with the following packages:

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