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Book cover: Commentary on Micah (Waltke)

Commentary on Micah (Waltke)

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In this masterful commentary, respected biblical scholar Bruce Waltke carefully interprets the message of the prophet Micah, building a bridge between Micah’s ancient world and our life today.

Waltke’s Commentary on Micah quickly distinguishes itself from other commentaries on this book by displaying an unprecedented exegetical thoroughness, an expert understanding of historical context, and a keen interest in illuminating the contribution of Micah to Christian theology. Tackling hard questions about date and authorship, Waltke contends that Micah himself wrote and edited the nineteen sermons comprising the book. Waltke’s clear analytical outline leads readers through the three cycles of Micah, each beginning with an oracle of doom and ending with an oracle of hope, decisively showing that hope wins over doom.

Learned yet amazingly accessible, combining scholarly erudition with passion for Micah’s contemporary relevance, this book will well serve teachers, pastors, and students alike.

“This commentary offers scrupulously full and thorough exegesis, leading to meticulous canonical exposition of God's ongoing ways in judgment and mercy as he calls his people to radical repentance and robust hope. Here is biblical theology of a very high order indeed.” –– J. I. Packer (Regent College)

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A Commentary on Micah
Author: Bruce K. Waltke
Publisher: Wm. Eerdmans (2008)

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