Students and Professors, we need your help!

You already know how indispensible Accordance is for the classroom and personal research, but your peers may not be familiar with us yet! Right now, we are offering significant savings on Accordance titles all summer long! We are doing this in two ways:

Collections. Through August 31, our Accordance Collections are 20% off. That means NOW is a great time for new users to discover Accordance or current users to upgrade to a higher Collection (custom upgrades are available so no one ever pays for the same title twice).

Weekly Specials. For seven weeks we are offering different kinds of academic titles (such as Bible introductions, grammars, lexicons, etc.) at great savings. We will feature a different category each week with the titles that are most often used in college and seminary classrooms.

Will you help us out?

We have made a flyer that can be posted or passed around to let others know about our Back to School Savings. You can download the PDF file at the link below and post it in your library, student and faculty lounges and wherever students and professors congregate. You can also make copies and hand out to your colleagues. It’s a great way to introduce others to Accordance and help them save money at the same time!

Here is the link for the Back to School Savings PDF flyer:

And here is what it looks like:

Back to School Flyer with drop shadow

Thank you, and we appreciate your help!