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Philip & the Ethiopian (Lighting the Lamp Video Podcast #163)

| [email protected]

    Join Dr. J in this study of the Ethiopian’s conversion (Acts 8:26-40). This podcast digs deeper into the passage, determining its limit, establishing its literary and geographical context, and investigating  unclear and unknown items in the passage. The study is a good model of how to use the Info Pane efficiently. Check out […]

Bible Software

NEW! Acts: An Exegetical Commentary (4 volumes) by Craig S. Keener

| Richard Mansfield

If you were only going to purchase one title on Acts… Well, Craig S. Keener may indeed have written “the last and final word” on the Book of Acts for this generation. In print, Acts: An Exegetical Commentary by Keener comes in four volumes for a total of an incredible 4640 pages. This is not […]

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